Absolutely an amazing experience with John and his JK
I and my girlfriend were on our road trip to cross North America. When we passed by Moab we were only thinking about taking few pictures on some nice trails. Then we saw a lot of Jeep and UTV rentals. So we decided we have to rent a Jeep cause we are already here in Moab. We looked all around the town but could not find anything good for us, something with strong ability to go through trails and also good looking. John drove his Jeep passed us and we saw the sticker on the Jeep. I made the phone call immediately. He was already ended his work for that day, but he still willing to come to the restaurant to show us this amazing JK.
John showed us around the Jeep, and I asked if we can rent the Jeep with the top off? He said he has never take the top off the Jeep but yeah we can do that. I made the decision that this is the Jeep I want for my stay in Moab. We went to the storage to take the hardtop off and we talked about trucks offroading on the way. He trusts me and I trust his Jeep. This is my first time renting a car without a deposit. John suggested me few nice trails and gave me some tips about the dangerous points that I should not go on the trail.
We had a great night in town with the Jeep. And we went to the Hells revenge the second day. The JK was absolutely amazing. I passed all the points except three that John told me not to do. I am totally happy with this great rig. But sadly I could not have few more days in Moab to go through other trails. But I do believe I will come back soon.
I gave the suggestion to John about the Turo app. Hopefully, he will post this amazing JK on the Turo soon which would be much convenience to let people know about this Jeep.