Situated in Red Rock County, Capitol Reef National Park is home to gorgeous cliffs, beautiful canyons, and some of a geologic monocline that spans nearly 100 miles. From long days exploring the cliffs to gorgeous nights in one of the most beautiful stargazing places on earth, there is so much to do that you can’t help but look into Jeep® rentals for Capitol Reef National Park. Luckily, renting a Jeep® is easy.

Why You Need To Rent a Jeep® For Capitol Reef

With miles and miles of national park to see, reaching a Jeep® for Capitol Reef is the easiest way to see as much as possible during your trip. Known for its off-roading abilities, Jeep® provides a comfortable, safe ride when you’re checking out the canyons, mountains, and everything in between. The vehicles are easy to drive, and each rental comes with a hard top that makes for a safer, dust-free ride. At Epic Jeep Rentals, we ensure our vehicles are expertly maintained and use only the highest-end equipment. We are a locally owned and operated company that knows the terrain and can even help you come up with an itinerary.

Beatuiful Cliff Buttes along Scenic Drive in Capital Reef

Jeeping in Capitol Reef

To hit all the best spots in Capitol Reef National Park, you’ll have to be willing to off-road, and to off-road, you’ll need a high-end Jeep® with the best engine available. Our Jeep® Wranglers house V6 engines, which are some of the most reliable ones available on the market. The long-lasting engine means you can tour all of Utah if you want!

Of course, you’ll want to enjoy some fresh air, which is why all of our Wranglers feature hard tops that you can remove for driving through the open air in Southern Utah. Finally, the smaller, boxier shape makes it easy to drive a Jeep® Wrangler, even if you’re not experienced at off-roading.

What To Expect From Jeep Rentals For Capitol Reef National Park

When you rent a Jeep® Wrangler from Epic Jeep Rentals, you get much more than a high-quality off-roading experience. We provide you with adventure, a pet-friendly vacation, and even information on how to best travel the backroads areas of Capitol Reef National Park. Our experienced customer service representatives always do our best to answer your questions.

Planning Your Jeeping Experience

Planning is an integral part of your Jeeping experience. If you’ve never been to the area, you can pick up self-guided tour maps at Capitol Reef National Park. In addition, you’ll want to be sure you pack the right essentials. This includes food and water for everyone, extra clothing, camping supplies, and a first aid kit. Our Jeep®s provide spacious storage to ensure that you can carry all of your equipment without your passengers feeling like they don’t have enough space.

Rent a Jeep® For Capitol Reef Today

Are you ready for your off-roading adventure? Look no further than Epic Jeep Rentals for your Jeep® rentals for Capitol Reef National Park. Our professional, friendly, and experienced rental representatives can help you find exactly what you need and even deliver your Jeep® to you if you’re in the Escalante area. Contact us today to learn more about our services.