Where do I pick up the Jeep®?

  • The pick-up location is at Escalante Yurts. 1605 N Pine Creek Rd – just 1 1/2 miles north of Escalante.  By the way, we highly recommend staying with them during your visit! Check out their website at www.escalanteyurts.com for more information.

Can you deliver the Jeep® to me?

  • Yes, we can.  We can deliver anywhere in Escalante.  We are not able to deliver to Bryce Canyon, Boulder, or other locations outside of the town of Escalante.

How many people will fit in the Jeep®?

  • We rent 4-door Jeep® Wranglers that seat 5 passengers.


Can I take my dog?

  • Yes, you can! There is an additional fee for the extra cleaning and sanitizing, but your furry friend is welcome.

Do I need my own insurance?

  • Most people use their own auto insurance policy to cover any damages, but you may also purchase a policy from us if you would like.

How long is the rental period?

  • Rates are based on a 10-hour rental period. You pick the Jeep® up in the morning and bring it back that same evening.

Can I rent for more than one day?

  • Yes! In fact, 3 or more days and the price is reduced!

Will I get back my $500 damage deposit?

  • As long as you return the vehicle the way you pick it up, then yes, of course!

Is the fuel included in the rental price?

  • You are responsible for fuel. The Jeep® will be full of fuel when you pick it up, and you will need to return the Jeep® full of fuel at the end of the rental period.

Can you tell me where to go in the Jeep®?

  • Yes! We can give you information so that you can see the backcountry in a safe and fun way!

Does the top come off the Jeep®?

  • Yes! The freedom tops above the driver and passenger front seats are easily removable, but to be honest, most people regret removing them when they encounter all the dust on the road.

Do I need any special skills to drive the Jeep® off-road?

  • All you need is a driver’s license! Our Jeep®s have automatic transmissions, and we will go over the operation of the 4 wheel drive system. If you can drive a car, you can drive one of our Jeep®s!

Do your Jeep®s have any special features?

  • Yes! Our Jeep®s are purpose-built for the terrain you will encounter, including oversized off-road tires, a lift for extra clearance, and a modified suspension to handle the roads and trails in the area.

Do I need to wash the Jeep® before I return it?

  • We ask you to keep the inside as clean as you can, and if the trails are muddy, we ask you to spray it off at the car wash. Otherwise, we will wash it inside and out so it’s ready for the next customer.

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