Escalante Jeep® Rental

Experience the beauty and grandeur throughout the Escalante, UT, area, up close in a rented Jeep® Wrangler from Epic Jeep Escalante. See the trails and sights that can’t be found on a map when you take our Wranglers onto the OHV (off-highway vehicles) trails, and spend the day exploring this amazing country.

There really isn’t anything close to the thrill of driving through this ancient and well-curated area near Bryce Canyon National Park and the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, especially since it’s designed specifically for Jeep®s and similar off-road vehicles. As you plan your vacation to this corner of the state, Epic Jeep Rentals is ready to rent you a Jeep® Wrangler and set you out on a great adventure.


Rent a Jeep® And Have Some Real Fun

Utah is home to five national parks, seven national monuments, and six national forests, which makes it an excellent destination for outdoor and off-road enthusiasts. It’s challenging to travel here and not feel the urge to pull off the pavement, hit the Red Rocks and go exploring. Epic Jeep Escalante lets you satiate that urge with our fleet of Jeep® Wrangler rentals.

Jeep®s provide a motoring experience that isn’t easily replicated. Designed as the pinnacle of off-roading vehicles, Jeep® Wranglers are the benchmark for this sport. They have the features you need to get where you’re going safely. Our vehicles are easy to drive, and the hardtop allows you to remain comfortable and dust-free. All of our Jeep®s are expertly maintained and are outfitted with the best equipment available. As a locally owned and operated adventuring company, we know the terrain as well as the anticipation our customers have. So, we make sure our vehicles are geared up, serviced, and ready to exceed your expectations.

Make It an Epic Adventure with a Jeep® Rental

Epic Jeep Rentals will get you to and from Salt Lake International Airport in a top-of-the-line Jeep® that’s outfitted with the best equipment available on the market. Our locally owned and operated company sets the standard for Jeep® rentals because of our easy process, convenient access and quality. Get around in a vehicle that’s designed for outdoor excursions and is rugged enough to drive in various conditions and landscapes. We’ll set you up with an off-road vehicle that has been well maintained for optimum performance and cleaned for your enjoyment. Hit the road in style and comfort, so you can have an adventure in Utah’s backlands that you won’t soon forget.

The drive from Salt Lake City to the trails, mountain sides and other rural landscapes across Utah can go uninterrupted when you rent a Jeep® in advance of your trip. You can head off from the airport to your desired adventure spot in a vehicle that’s perfect for off-roading and sightseeing galore. Our Jeep® Wrangler rental services will help make your travels that much more memorable and epic.

Jeep® Wranglers Are A Great Way To Experience Utah’s National Parks

Are you ready to hear the unmistakable sound of thick, off-road tires taking you ever closer to the Vermillion Cliffs or Hole-in-the-Wall? Maybe you want a great way to spend the day or simply travel from the Grand Staircase to Capitol Reef. If so, then contact Epic Jeep Escalante now and reserve your Jeep® Wrangler.

Why is a Jeep® Wrangler a good option for your trip in Southern Utah?

  • Off-roading – The main benefit is being able to go off-roading when you’re exploring, and a Jeep® Wrangler is perfect for that.
  • Excellent engine – The V6 engine in a Jeep® Wrangler is one of the best, most reliable engines on the market. They last a long time, and you can rely on them for your tour through Utah.
  • Open air – With a Jeep® Wrangler, you can take the roof down, and there is nothing better than driving through Southern Utah with some open air.
  • Easy to drive – The Jeep® Wrangler has a small, boxy shape, and this makes it very easy to drive and maneuver.

Whether you’re headed to Bryce Canyon for your annual trip or you’re on your first visit, rent a Jeep® Wrangler from Epic Jeep in Escalante, UT.

Rent a Jeep® Today

Utah has over 3,000 miles of OHV trails, all maintained by local state agencies and the Bureau of Land Management. With a couple hundred of them situated near the Bryce Canyon area, it’s time to rent a Jeep® Wrangler from Epic Jeep Escalante. Call us at 435-293-4639 and reserve your slot today.